Sunday, 16 September 2012

Must Have: Givenchy Rottweiler

A big rottweiler is this that distinguishes the T-shirt by Givenchy, it became a real must-have among celebrities. This t-shirt is designed ​​for men and for women, cotton or sweatshirt, it became in a very short
time soul out. Givenchy Rottweiler is ideal with shorts but perfect with a lightweight fabric skirt. It will give a touch of aggression to any outfit. What do you think? I Love It.
Un grosso rottweiler è quello che contraddistingue la T-shirt di Givenchy, diventata in poco tempo un vero e proprio must have tra le celebrities. Realizzata sia da uomo che da donna, in cotone o felpata, è diventata in pochissimo tempo sould out. Ideale con gli short ma perfetta con una gonna dal tessuto leggero donerà un tocco di aggressività ad ogni outfit. Cosa ne pensate? Io la adoro.
Givenchy T-shirt with Rottweiler print € 218,00
Givenchy Sweatshirt with Rottweiler print  € 500,00
Givenchy T-shirt with Rottweiler print € € 490,00
Givenchy T-shirt with Rottweiler print  € 196,00
Givenchy Sweatshirt with Rottweiler print € 347,00


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  2. I do love that top, so fierce! X

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  5. i really love this top i've seen it everywhere lately! wish it wasn't so expensive..

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